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Being a community activist has meant learning to work with those with whom we disagree - let's try to work together for the best solutions for our Folsom community.

Barbara Leary Stands Up for Our Community

Natoma Station Art Work Restoration Celebration

Committed to Keeping our Community Healthy

  My daughter and I  moved to Folsom for the same reason every other family moves here, wonderful natural resources, diverse historical sites, recreational opportunities, great schools, safe neighborhoods, and outstanding city services. My passion is to ensure we retain these amenities, even as the city continues to expand. As your City Council representative, I will continue my community efforts to improve our neighborhoods, protect our environment, and carefully monitor City policy and plans for the benefit of all our residents.

"Barbara Leary is smart, hardworking, honest, and independent. She will provide a much needed voice of the people on the Folsom City Council." 

- Bill Durston, MD

 Preservation and Conservation
• I will continue to protect and enhance our unique open spaces, parks, and trails, and assure that we have safe air, water and lands for homes and recreation

• I will work to expand our economic base, adding employment opportunities, diverse housing, and commercial options

Public Safety
• Public safety and Increasing programs addressing homelessness and mental health are a priority for me

Community Engagement
• I support improving citizen opportunities for participating in our City's decision-making processes

• I will work on creative solutions to our traffic and transportation problems 

Arts, Culture & Recreation
• Promoting our diverse cultural, historic, recreational resources to engage our residents and visitors is important for me

Longstanding Dedication to Serving Our Community

Barbara Leary worked as a Nurse Practitioner at the UC Davis Medical Center for 31 years, serving on the Emergency, Surgical and Trauma Services. During that time, she was dedicated to ensuring that her patients received the best care possible, spending countless hours and many sleepless nights evaluating their well-being and implementing treatment programs that would allow them to recover. She even went above and beyond her normal duties to assist those in need by serving as a committee member on the Board of Registered Nursing's Nurse Diversion Program, where she helped to develop treatment programs for nurses with mental health and chemical dependency problems.

Notwithstanding her tireless work at the hospital and her duties as a devoted single mother, Barbara continuously worked to improve our community. Over the years, Barbara has gone above and beyond:

· Folsom Parks and Recreation Commission. Between 1994 and 1998, Barbara served on the Folsom Parks and Recreation Commission, where she participated in the development of many of the city's now beloved parks and recreational opportunities.

· Natoma Station Community Organization. In 1994, Barbara co-founded the Natoma Station Community Organization, and served as president of the organization for several years. Over the last 24 years, she contributed to the community newsletter and engaged in outreach to local residents that resulted in organized presentations at Planning Commission and City Council meetings. These efforts resulted in the improvement of neighborhood development plans, including the re-design of the Winco site, which ultimately retained several 200-year-old oak trees, the relocation of a 24 hour gas station and mini-mart from behind homes to a commercial corridor, and the preservation of open space. She also engaged City traffic staff in developing methods to reduce speeds on streets adjacent to the neighborhood's schools and parks. Most recently, she organized the fundraising efforts to restore Natoma Station's art work, resulting in the 25-year-old, damaged art work being cleaned, restored, and maintained.

· Juvenile Drunk Driving Program. Barbara was the co-founder of the UC Davis/Sacramento Superior Court Juvenile Drunk Driving Program where she worked to educate youth who were convicted of drunk driving. She also helped craft State Assembly Bill 1400, which expanded the program state-wide. For this work Barbara received the Mother's Against Drunk Driving Award for Community Service, and a Commendation from Sacramento Mayor and City Council.

· Friends of Folsom Parkways. Barbara has been an active member of the Friends of Folsom Parkways since 1998, participating in numerous tree plantings and community events to enhance our parks and trails.


Working Both Locally and Regionally

 · Arts and Cultural Commission. Barbara has served on Folsom's Arts and Cultural Commission since 2010, and served as both Vice Chair and Chair. As a Commissioner she engages our community in both local art and cultural projects, fundraises for local art projects, and is currently working to update the city's Arts & Cultural Master Plan.

· Sacramento Sierra Club. Barbara serves as the chairperson of the Sacramento Sierra Club's Executive Committee. In this role she engages members by hosting educational activities, organizing tree plantings, attending local hearings on development, transportation and housing, and focusing on preserving the American River Parkway.  She has served on the club Transportation Committee and worked on the Sacramento County Carbon reduction proposal, meeting with regional leaders to find workable solutions on issues arising with a growing population.

 Folsom Historical Society. Barbara has been a member the Folsom Historical Society for 26 years. Over the years, she has helped organize fundraising events, serves on the committee of the Chinese Heritage Museum of Folsom project, and engaged in community outreach.

· Sacramento Daughters of the American Revolution. Barbara is a member of the Sacramento DAR, serving as the Historical Preservation Chairperson from 2014 to 2016. During that time, she worked to fundraise for and install historic signage describing the establishment of Camp Pollock, a local treasure for our Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops.  

· Heritage Preservation League of Folsom. As a member of the Heritage Preservation League of Folsom, Barbara focused on preserving the land adjacent to the Natoma Ground Sluice Diggings, an old gold mining site, that was slated for development at the corner of Folsom Boulevard and Highway 50. For many years she worked with the site developer to ensure that the city retained access to this valuable land to enhance the historic resource.  Barbara received the "June Hose Award" for historic preservation for this work.  In 2017, the City was granted a deed to the land, creating a permanent open space/oak woodland.

Barbara contributed a number of accepted recommendations for change to the Folsom Draft General Plan 2035 this past year.  She has dedicated her time over many years here to ensuring that our community remains the beautiful, resource-rich city that it is. A city that is safe and healthy for our children to grow up in. 

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FPPC ID # 1402376


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